Writing Retreats & Contemplative Workshops

penandinkIntegrating my training in psychology, feminist social theory, and contemplative-somatic practices, I teach workshops and writing retreats on such topics as:

Creativity as a Renewable Source of Pleasure

Somatic Reading and Writing Practices

Self-Care, Nondualism and Expanding Our Sensorium

The ToolKit of Drafting vs. The ToolKit of Editing

Understanding Positionality and Intersectionality: Why Ethical Writing Means
Wrestling with Your Position in a Larger Social Matrix

Creativity as Feminist Epistemology 

Continuing Education for Clinicians & Teachers

Critical Social Theory Classes: Teaching and Consulting for Mental Health Clinicians
I offer a 1:1 consulting or group training in critical social theory for current practitioners in the field of mental health.  The curriculum is useful for both psychoanalysts and therapists with interest in studying the material-psychic intersections of race/gender/class/sexuality/colonialism.

Feminist Ethnic Studies Classes: Teaching and Consulting for Teachers and Administrators
I work 1:1 or in small groups with teachers who want to develop their pedagogy and curriculum to incorporate more analysis of gender, race, sexuality, class, dis/ability, and western colonialism into their classrooms. The training introduces teachers to important feminist ethnic studies texts, as well as provides emotional, intellectual, and pedagogical support. I recommend teachers sign up in groups of 3 and meeting twice monthly for Skype consultation sessions. In between our online consulting sessions, weakly readings and recorded lectures are assigned.


Speaking Engagements

To book me for speaking engagements, please email kimberlybgeorge@gmail.com.




Audio Classes

Audio classes are designed to be self-study, and/or supplement consulting sessions. Audio classes include podcast lectures, reading assignments, contemplative practices, and writing prompts.

Current Offerings
Toward Feminist Imaginations: Learning Social Theory Through Somatic Connection

Description: This 8-module (20 podcast lecture) course has introductory readings from feminist, queer, and ethnic studies knowledge, including African American, postcolonial, Chicana, Indigenous, Asian American, and Euro American traditions. Our task is to consider together how these knowledges help us examine the complex entwinement of our psychic, affective, somatic, and social experience within the context of histories of violence and injustice, particularly within the United States.