New York, New York

Want to work with me?

I offer 3 kinds of appointments.

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Sessions are nonrefundable. Within 24 hours' notice, they can be rescheduled to a new time within a month of the cancelled one.

These stand-alone and on-going sessions support leaders who are interested in building trauma-informed programs to integrate feminist social theory analysis and practice into their organization, school, business, or non-profit. These sessions are a prerequisite to bringing me to your organization to teach a workshop or build a program. Changing the Culture Programs for men also begin with this initial assessment service.

Feminist Institutional Assessment and Consulting

This service is for institutions, corporations, schools, and non profits. 

$400/60-minute session

These stand-alone sessions integrate my research methods to support your goals. These goals might include: using feminist social theory analysis to navigate your vocational project, environment, and leadership role; questions of relationships and career change; somatic theory and practices; and professional, creative, and personal growth, using the tools of feminist research. These sessions also include a big picture assessment of writing projects when applicable (however, it does not include developmental editing and review of drafts).

Feminist Research Strategy Sessions ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH DEC. 18, 2019LY 

This service is for private clients (not institutions, corporations, schools, and non profits).

$165/60-minute session

Leather Bound Books

Pre-paid by tuition only.

This service is for clients already enrolled in a 3.5 or 16-month Feminist Theory Leadership Intensive Program.

Feminist Theory Leadership Intensive Program

Read about the service.