Sessions are nonrefundable. Within 24 hours' notice, they can be rescheduled to a new time within a month of the cancelled one.

Blue Leather Chair

Feminist Institutional Assessment and Consulting

This service is for institutions, corporations, schools, and non profits. 

$400/60-minute session

These stand-alone and on-going sessions support leaders who are interested in building trauma-informed programs to integrate feminist social theory analysis and practice into their organization, school, business, or non-profit. These sessions are a prerequisite to bringing me to your organization to teach a workshop or build a program. Changing the Culture Programs for men also begin with this initial assessment service.

Leather Bound Books

Feminist Leadership Intensive Program  (Not currently enrolling)

Read about the service.

Pre-paid by tuition only.

This service is for clients already enrolled in a Feminist Leadership Intensive Program.