Gender Equity Consulting
Personal change is hard—institutional change is exponentially harder. Research suggests that top-down reform doesn't work, and nor does attempting to scale reforms that worked elsewhere. Instead, Kimberly's B. George's gender equity consulting creates sustainable change models that are customized to a specific groups's local culture and institutional histories. As part of that work, she values:
  • Naming and navigating the power dynamics of an institutional culture. Hierarchies based on gender, race, sexuality, dominant religion  (Christianity, in the US context), class, dis/ability and settler colonialism create systems of power that perpetuate the status quo and block change. We will talk about how to assess, name, and navigate hierarchies and relations of power.
  • Nurturing vibrant relationships that foster an emerging, transformative process. Institutional change depends on real relationships amongst people who respect one another, who feel safe to take creative risks, who feel empowered to offer leadership (whatever their position in an organization), and who work together for results that are much bigger than the sum of the individual. We will talk about how to create more egalitarian spaces within institutions that nurture these kinds of vibrant relational connections.   
  • Paying attention to and financially compensating how the labor of change (including emotional labor) is distributed across positionality within an organization. In other words, sustainable change continually assesses where the labor of change falls to the participants involved.  It is well documented, for instance, that women, and in particular women of color, do enormous amounts of labor transforming status quo relations of power. Ethical institutional change grounded in commitments to equity will take into account labor dynamics across gender and race.

Additional Details
Consulting is typically at minimum a 4-month commitment. It is best paired with on-going educational workshops and courses. Consulting helps guide the change process, but the workshops and courses are invaluable for everyone involved to gain tools in the work. Furthermore, since change isn't effective in a top-down format, it is important that the consulting work is in tandem with other capacity-building opportunities that involve everyone in having a voice in the change process.

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New York, New York

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