The Emotional
Self-Defense Course

+ Consultation Package is $497

December 31, 2019

The Course + Consultation Package includes:

The Emotional Self-Defense Course at a discounted price


A 75-minute private teaching session (over Zoom) with the course material (to be used between January and April 2020)

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The $497 includes tuition for the online self-guided course
upon its late January release and  a private 75-minute consultation with the material to be used by the end of April 2020. Payments are nonrefundable. I will be in touch within 24-hours after registration.

Please note, I don't offer 1:1 consulting with online courses outside of this pre-registration course offering.

Why does the Course + Consultation have a December 31st deadline if the course is released in late January 2020?


Good Question!

All the pre-registrations for the course—including the Early Bird and the Course + Consultation—are founded on a feminist, collective idea of change. Participants pre-registering before the course release support a collective model of business.

In distributing my feminist research into online courses in 2020, I also hope to provide a model for others of feminist business methods, in order to empower more women and nonbinary folks and marginalized identities. 

It is a model that is excited about developing collective systems and approaches—and undoing white and patriarchal norms that foreground an individual (usually white cis wealthy men) as the "successful leader" and change agent.

The leader is us—the collective.

Feminist foremothers told us
we change the world

only together.

Thus, how I offer my online courses is meant to make visible business methods that shift us into collective thinking about how we produce and distribute feminist knowledge in the world.

(And if you are a feminist social entrepreneur yourself, by all means feel free to cite my language here and borrow the model!)

My #1 goal as a feminist scholar and teacher is to help open the enclosures of the university and bring into our lives the legacy of feminist foremothers—because feminist study was never intended to be contained inside walls.

What are my credentials to teach?

My courses are an invitation to be part of distributing knowledge I have had the privilege of devoting myself to in: 

3 MA programs 
2 Ph.D. programs 

& the life soul work
that is my feminist teaching, writing, 
and consulting practice.

Since 2005, I have

taken 63 graduate classes
(you need 16–19
for 1 Ph.D!)
in pursuit of my knowledge.

While I am deeply and rigorously trained through my academic research, my teaching and writing practices have always been committed to translating this research into spaces and places outside the university.

My life's joy is in collaborating with folks who can use feminist knowledge in their life, vocation, creative awakenings, and healing paths.


There are many people who taught me community-based models and who helped support my unusually long training across so many areas of study. Special thanks to:
Dr. Michelle Wolff and Derek Jones who funded research on feminist pedagogy in my dissertation; my late friend, professor, and mentor Elizabeth Hess and her partner Kevin; Dr. Jenny Blair; Pattie Flint; Lisa Fann; my family; all the loved ones who housed and fed me over the years so I could keep researching feminist history, teaching, and writing; and beloved NYC baristas gifting me with comforting oat milk lattes as I researched and wrote on violence and trauma for my dissertation.