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Feminist Studies (doula) Cohorts 

Feminist Studies Doula Cohorts are one of my most powerful offerings to support my clients in birthing their voices and calling into the world. 

For the fall/winter of 2020, I am on Sabbatical from offering these intensive trainings as I birth my next book. 

~Dr. Kimberly B. George

Feminist Studies (Doula) Cohorts bridge the theories of transformation in The Emotional Self-Defense Course with:

  • a deepening of your own feminist learning 

  • a journey into your body's knowledge &

  • application to a creative desire or goal in your life.

The goal might be your dream of writing a book (or a dissertation or going back to school). The desire might be for an artistic practice you are ready to commit to and trust. The dream might be a life or vocational transition that has yet to find its form.

In small group cohorts (3-4 people, plus the instructor) we doula these goals, desires, and dreams, inviting the wisdom of feminist foremothers to empower our personal and collective transformations.

What is the The Emotional Self-Defense Course?

(7 ways to know if this learning experience is right for you)

Feminist Studies Doula Cohorts are for people who:

1). Realize their education denied them the study of the contributions of feminist foremothers. 

2). Desire education in Women's Studies—but aren't in the life stage to go back to grad school and put a career, a salary, and family needs on hold.

3). Want to learn more deeply about systems of inequity (and the dynamic intersections of patriarchy, race, class, sexuality, disability, religion, etc.).

4). Value holistic, trauma-informed, and spiritually-rooted feminist teaching methods that reconnect the mind, body, and spirit.

5). Have writing projects, creative pursuits, or personal and professional goals that would benefit from how feminist foremothers understood transformation and healing.

6). Desire to integrate contemplative and somatic learning practices into feminist study.


7). Sense the spiritual necessity of awakening our creative and community-based powers in the crisis of our historical moment.

"If, like me, you find that trying to get a feminist education from social media alone is deeply unsatisfying, you snoozed past any opportunities to learn what Women's Studies was actually about when you might have had the option to study it, and reading ALL the books is a nice idea but it's just not going to happen...  Kimberly's work merges present moment exploration of what it is like to live in a non-cis-white-male body with an in depth and elegantly articulated synthesis of the history and highlights of feminist writings."

Jessica Farrell,  Creative Leadership Coach

Our Schedule:

12 weeks

6 small group Zoom learning intensives: 2x a month 
(75 minutes, 2–3 participants per cohort)


3-months of engagement of your writing and creative-contemplative exercises, as based in the course ESD curriculum

weekly contemplative exercises (delivered through audio recordings) on reading the body as a sacred text

optional guidance for reading texts of feminist foremothers 
(for those who'd like further customized support in learning)


1 customized 1:1 Zoom consult w/Kimberly
(75 minutes)


90 minutes of reading and review time for a larger writing project or life/career/creativity goal underway
(Kimberly's feedback is offered via the 1:1 session)

Our Curriculum

We use the 12-Modules of The Emotional Self-Defense Course Workbook to build a foundation for engaging how feminist theory is a legacy of women's knowledge that supports mind-body-spirit reconnections, healing, and creative power.

Core Principles of the ESD Course:
1). We each need to find language for naming how the systems we live inside disconnect our mind-body-spirit; we also need practices for reconnecting to unleash our knowledge. 

2). Reconnecting fragmented parts of ourselves requires a holding process (at a psychic, intellectual, emotional and spiritual level).
3). Power is not only abusive and fragmenting; power is also creative, collective, and transformative.

4). Grief labor is to be honored as part of our personal healing and participation in collective change.

5). Creativity is a feminist practice for re-imaging and rewriting  our world.


From the ESD curriculum's foundations, we deepen and specialize your unique learning goals

The group intensive sessions connect the theories of transformation in the ESD Modules to our lives. Additional resources are recommended for those who would like to take the ESD course and learn further texts of feminist foremothers. 
Each intensive session also includes applications to  participant's chosen creative project, writing project, or personal or vocational goal. 

Teaching Methods

  My teaching methods are based in facilitating gestations and holding reconnections—across multiple fields of study and in our own mindbodyspirit reparative journey. I believe the suppressed history of feminist knowledge gives us vast resources for unfurling revolutionary knowledge. The methods in this program reflect sustained research, my years studying with experts, and my pedagogical expertise in supporting creativity and personal and collective transformations. 


Why Work With Me

My path has been unusual—3 MA programs and 2 PhD programs, all while spending 15 years as a feminist entrepreneur developing the best teaching and learning practices for imparting feminist study outside the traditional university.

I believe in access to learning, rigor, healing, and creativity.

I treasure my expansive training in the halls of academia—in both the Ivies and the more historically radical UC system. But my goal is to offer that education to people without their spending what I did (15 years of full-time research and $100,000).

My goal is to help you use feminist knowledge on your own path toward our collective transformations.

Having trained in 4 fields, my pedagogical expertise is in collaborations, making connections across ways of knowing, and perspective-shifting.


I am a feminist ethnic studies scholar, and also I am a trauma researcher trained as a therapist. I analyze historical structures—and their impact on our psyches, bodies, and spirits. I deeply value rigor, but being a creative and a mystic, too, I believe the intellect includes all our ways of knowing, feeling, sensing, and imagining.


I am a mom of young kids or a caregiver for an elder. Is it possible to do this program? 

Yes. If you can find for your feminist studies 20-minutes a day, 4x a week, you can do this program. Back in 2011 when I launched these small group cohorts, I designed them specifically to create access points for intellectual engagement, creativity, and feminist learning to support  single moms. Unlike the traditional university, my entire goal is creating access points and offering you learning methods that don't require hours a day or making it to a class across town at a university.


Is it required that I write?

I believe that any form of creative expression helps empower your own voice in feminist learning, and I will encourage you to find the practices you most enjoy. Beyond the suggested writing explorations in The Emotional Self-Defense Course Workbook, writing is not required to be in this cohort. I also encourage you to choose visual art instead if that is your medium. (While I am not a visual artist, I believe the principles I teach with writing and feminism also adapt to all creative processes.) That said, I am a feminist writing coach with 20 years of experience helping writers. I also wrote a dissertation on the psychic, emotional, and spiritual life of feminist writing practices, creativity, trauma, and collective change processes. So, I offer this support to you as it benefits your professional and personal goals. 



When are the Zoom sessions with multiple participants?

As a class, we align calendars for our 6 small group intensives.
There are 3-4 people per group, which allows vibrant conversations and sharing of your respective projects/goals.

When is the 1:1 Zoom intensive scheduled?

I specifically work around each person's work and family schedule.  (That said, I do need 72-hours notice for a cancelled session, not including emergencies or health needs.)

In our 1:1 sessions, we focus on your individual path of feminist learning. I also read and give feedback on any larger piece of writing you are creating, or any creative, personal, or professional goal or body of work. 

Why does each participant need to have a specific project or goal they come with?

Aaah, great question! Because our cohort is an incubation space for life transformations. I teach feminist theory in order to open life pathways for personal and collective change, which often includes creative work (like a memoir or book or visual art), or dissertations, or getting into grad school, or a shift in your career or personal life.


The specific goal or project is the container for an intention (which is also a mode of attention) that we hold as a community. We nourish that intention/attention with the writings of feminist foremothers, as well as with reading our own bodies as a sacred text. With these practices, we witness what comes alive through us in the world. This is not about "productivity," in the sense of straining ourselves, especially amidst a global crisis. It is about growing seeds and nurturing the soil of our creative life even amidst the change our world is undergoing. It is about trusting the lineage of feminist foremothers has resources for this global portal of death and birth we are moving through.


I'd like to talk to you to see if this cohort  is right for me?

Absolutely! Contact me to set up a free 20-minute introductory call.

Tuition & Registration

Tuition for Feminist Studies (Doula) Cohorts


Discounted Tuition: $4500 
(For those already in the first cohort of the ESD course)

Regular Tuition: $5897 

For those not already in the first cohort of the ESD course. This price includes The Emotional Self-Defense Course tuition ($2000).

All registration is confirmed with a $2500, non-refundable deposit toward the total tuition. 

If you need payment plans, just let me know. If you'd like to be on a waitlist for partial or full scholarships as they are available, reach out. Also, I recommend seeking professional development funds if you work for an employer who supplements diversity, equity, inclusion, and leadership trainings. Many of my clients have received financial support from their institutions.