The Early
Bird Tuition

This tuition rate is an investment
6–8 weeks before a course launch.


It is my feminist, community-based business model that allows me to take my 15 years of research and develop online, self-guided courses.

The Early Bird Tuition distributes the course at a significantly reduced rate—making it accessible to more people.

And, it invests upfront in the time, labor, and technical aspects of bringing an online course to the market, especially in the critical 6–8 
weeks before a product is live to distribute.

The Emotional
Self-Defense Course


Early Bird Tuition is
$247 by Dec.15, 2019



​The $247 includes tuition for the online, self-guided course
upon its late January 2020 release.  The regular tuition price is $347.

Please note the course is nonrefundable.

What are my credentials to teach?

My work as a feminist social entrepreneur
distributes my research from: 

3 MA programs 
2 Ph.D. programs 

& the life soul work
that is my feminist teaching, writing, 
and consulting practice.

Since 2005, I've done
63 graduate classes
(you need 16–19 for 1 Ph.D!)
in pursuit of my knowledge.

In the  journey I have also been committed to teaching outside traditional academia. But to continue that work as a scholar not supported by a university, I am leaning into community-based feminist models, not individual "lean in" models of change.


Early bird rates are part of that model—helping more people access my work and helping support my efforts to distribute my expertise.

There are many people who taught me community-based models and who offered support in my unusually long  training across so many areas of study. Special thanks to:

Dr. Michelle Wolff and Derek Jones who funded research on feminist pedagogy in my dissertation; my late friend, professor, and mentor Elizabeth Hess and her partner Kevin; Dr. Jenny Blair; Pattie Flint; Lisa Fann; my family; all the loved ones who housed and fed me over the years so I could keep researching feminist history. teaching, and writing; and beloved NYC baristas gifting me with comforting oat milk lattes as I researched and wrote on violence and trauma for my dissertation. 

 copyright © 2020 Kimberly B. George

Photography by Pattie Flint.

New York, New York

(traditional lands of the Lanape)