Feminist Social Theory & Contemplative Writing  

Who This Course is For:

This is a professional development course to deepen  training in critical social theory while also actively cultivating creative and self-reflective practices. The course foregrounds the importance of identity and creative process to social justice learning experiences and transformation.  

Course Description:

Our curriculum weaves readings in intersectional feminist theory with feminist contemplative practices that reconnect the mind and the body, and creative non fiction writing exercises that un-tap our subconscious processes. Our guiding principle is that the revolutionary ideas of intersectional feminism are best learned while inhabiting a holistic process that helps you access: your own lived stories, healing process, inner life, generational histories, embodied experiences, and somatic feedback.

Alongside engaging key historical feminist texts, participants also read chapters and do creative exercises from Kimberly's current book project on resistance efforts, A Feminism for the End and Beginning of the World. 

Where the Course Meets:

This course meets over 16 weeks and includes 2 in-person half day workshops and a series of customized small group and 1:1 Skype meetings. Weekly readings and podcasts are assigned throughout the 16 weeks.


Expect the process of learning feminist critical social theory, alongside contemplative practice and creative writing, to unearth subconscious knowledge. We will lean into understanding our own identities (across gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, religion , dis/ability, etc) and will reflect on the stories we hold in our own identities and ancestry. You will learn new beautiful ideas in this course, but just as importantly, you might reconnect with some things you have always known, too, that were pushed down or silenced in the past.  The course is designed to support you in an intellectual, psychological, and emotional journey that empowers and clarifies your sense of how you want to live into your gifts and contribute to a world needing transformation.