Feminist Leadership Training:
  Workshops and Consulting Programs

Most people have never had the opportunity to read at length in women's intellectual history. We live in a system of patriarchy, so women's voices and intellectual and creative research (like that of Mileva Maric Einstein) are continually silenced or stolen in history by men.


Feminist scholars like myself research carefully the silencing of women's voices and the intersecting modes of power (such as colonialisms, class realities, and racial hierarchies) that shape who tells history.

We now have generations of feminist research and writing. It was created at great cost by feminist foremothers.

But our education system still does not include

— let alone center— their knowledge.


All Feminist Leadership Training is now offered through Feminism School!

(You might never know that Mileva Maric Einstein worked out her husband's math problems, and then he left her with children to care for full time, and then he shamed her for trying to get credit for their collaborative work. You might never know that women's feminist and intellectual contributions are vast, rich, and deep—and silenced.)

How do we reconnect to the power and depth of feminist knowledge and learning? 

Graduate study is one route but it takes immense time,  

 flexible geography, the health to produce research at an intense level of output, and significant assets (or debt). Plus, graduate study is rarely designed around  leading a professional life which simultaneously applies your research outside of academia.


My workshops, consulting, and courses distribute the rigor of academic feminist learning into

new pathways of leadership and problem solving. 

Our shared goal is creating collaborations and partnerships across professional contexts and sets of knowledge.


Together, we open the borders of the university, and we ensure the passing on of women's history into more spaces. You will be supported to learn and carry these knowledges into your own areas of leadership and innovation.


For some people, experiencing feminist intellectual life and history is like walking through a new door for the first time and discovering a world of ideas that unexpectedly changes the course of their lives.

For others, the intensive program helps grow buds and blossoms for old and long-held inner truths.

For most, the integration of feminist coaching, study, and contemplative practices will introduce new and transformative ideas and also help to connect you to intuitions long held within yourself. These are internal and wise roots of knowledge, often inherited in our bodies and psyches from the stories we carry from previous generations.


In learning and reconnecting to the fullness of ourselves, we are part of a journey generations deep—and we are making change and creating healing for generations to come.