Feminist Theory Leadership Workshops & Consulting for Business

White Meeting Room

Workshop 1:

Men Learning Feminism: Activation Groups

Fall 2019

In an age of #MeToo and the accompanying political backlash toward women’s rights, there’s never been a better time for more men to join the labor of feminist visionary work. Yet, historically speaking, it has been hard for men to feel comfortable in feminist movements and to get involved in the work alongside women.


This workshop will invite men more deeply into feminist work and explore some of the impasses, challenges, and vulnerabilities that are often part of the journey. We will identify ways in which men can step into small and large choices that challenge and dismantle male cisgender privilege. We will also cultivate awareness of the joy, freedom, and increased connection to ourselves and one another that are part of challenging and changing the culture.

Workshop 2:

Restoring Creativity

Fall 2019

Status quo systems function as social and economic pressures that ask us to conform from a very early age. When we conform, there are built in rewards, but there are also deep personal and collective losses. One of the most significant losses for most adults is access to our creativity and our imaginations because of how a patriarchal gender system socialized us into binaries, norms, and conventional thought.


This workshop blends feminist social theory and short, contemplative writing exercises to reconnect participants to exploring their own relationship with conformity vs. their inherent creativity. We will discuss why reclaiming knowledge of your own creative process supports not only gender equity, but also higher quality work, more energized teams, sustainability, and joy.