New York, New York

The Emotional
Self-Defense Course

  • offers 4-hours of teaching videos plus worksheets for self-assessment

  • is fully online and self-guided
    (If you'd like a private teaching session with the material, please register for The Course + Consultation Package.)

  • is released to participants in late January 2020

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The Emotional Self-Defense Course:



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What are my credentials to teach?

My work as a feminist social entrepreneur
distributes my research from: 

3 MA programs 
2 Ph.D. programs 

& the life soul work
that is my feminist teaching, writing, 
and consulting practice.

Since 2005, I've done
63 graduate classes
(you need 16–19 for 1 Ph.D!)
in pursuit of my knowledge.


While I am deeply and rigorously trained through my academic research, my teaching and writing practices have always been committed to translating this research into spaces and places outside the university.


My life's joy is in collaborating with folks who can use feminist knowledge in their life, vocation, creative awakenings, and healing paths.