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Men Learning Feminism is a coaching program that invites men to open a door to a healing & transformational journey.

How to Register: April Beta Co-Conspirator's Program

1) First, contact me for a 20-minute free consultation to discuss whether the 6-week program is a fit for your needs and goals. I also suggest you read this blog post, and listen to the podcast series "Defense Mechanisms, Difficult Knowledge, & Heterosexual Relationships,"  as well as the episode "On Teaching Men Feminism."

2). Then, if you'd like to invest in the coaching program, the beta tuition is paid here after the initial consultation. (Tuition will go up to regular price after April.)

3). Our first official coaching meeting is a 90-minute discussion and assessment. There's some written reflection and short reading assigned prior to meeting.

4). We meet 3 more times after the initial assessment for 90-minute sessions each. There are suggested readings, writing prompts, and customized recordings between sessions.

5). While the program is designed to support the journey of a heterosexual couple, not all sessions require both participants. Part of our assessment stage will be deciding who will be present for each session, based on our goals. 

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