Feminist foremothers teach us...

The personal is political.

Transformation & paradigm shifts come with a cost for those leading the way for others.

All structural healing is also inter-generational.

So we need to know our roots—the beauty, the wounds, the unnamed traumas wanting words, and our inherited resilience.

Root to Rise:

1:1 Feminist Consulting Program

If you've spent any time on my site (or my Instagram)...

You've likely noticed I am a feminist scholar also enamored with all things vintage.

 I value intergenerational connections.

Vintage clothes
I love the way vintage wraps me in women's history and art. 

I collect vintage dresses, and daily I pair old with new designs. Vintage offers play, creative expression, and connection to the past in a material, embodied way.

Vintage objects
My Manhattan home is filled with my grandmother's antiques.

In the above collage, that's her kitchen table and trundle couch and her cobalt blue Danish cast iron pan in which she taught me to clarify butter for baklava—an object holding the literal mixing of my Scandinavian and Lebanese ancestry.

Vintage feminism
I especially love teaching the revolutionary feminist writings of 1970s and 1980s. I offer a creatively powerful ways to encounter these texts: I design contemplative feminist writing practices that help you connect the reading to your body, spirit, healing, and history.


I teach infused with my training as a therapist, my interdisciplinary research in trauma theory, and my prioritization of feminist ethnic studies approaches to transformation.

In the 10-week Root to Rise program,

we use the writings of feminist foremothers

to fuel your next life shift. 

We root into the insights of feminist writers from the past...

women who changed history and left us blueprints.


We read in order to ask:

How do feminist models of change 

illuminate our own personal and professional crossroads?

How much time does this program take?

This program is 10-weeks focused on your own process of change (personally and vocationally), your rising creativity, and your ancestral rooting.

Each week you will receive customized recordings (15-20 distilled down minutes) and a selection of feminist readings and writing prompts. You might spend 30 minutes weekly with these materials or 2 hours. You decide the time that is right for your life responsibilities each week.


We have a zero guilt policy! The readings, recordings, and writing prompts are ONLY there for nourishment as desired.

This consulting program is not the academic intensity of a Special Topics in Feminist History Course or a Feminist Leadership Training Intensive. It's more like a feminist theory version of the Artist's Way, with the goal of unleashing creativity to fuel a life shift at the intersection of your particular vocational and personal goals.

What feminist writers will I read?

In 15 years of feminist research and teaching, I have found it's critical to offer texts that mirror back an individual's experience. Mirroring is powerful at a somatic, neurobiological, and spiritual level. But we also need texts that stretch us to understand others' experiences far outside our own. I create a program for you, specifically, that balances these learning needs.


Think of the curriculum I create for you like a fine article of clothing being designed and then sewn only for you, not for mass production. It takes more time and resources to customize, but it actually fits correctly and feel rights. It leads to more powerful change for you and it saves you immense time. I have studied and invested in training in 2 Ph.D. programs and 3 M.A. programs, so I have the depth and breadth of knowledge to effectively customize my work with a diversity of clients across race, gender, class, sexuality, and religion.

What is our meeting schedule?

We meet every two weeks over Zoom for 75-minutes. There is also an initial session to assess goals so I can build your customized program. Thus, 6 sessions total in 10 weeks.

My clients are busy so my job is to help them find strategies for squeezing in important feminist reflection to an already full life. You don't need hours a week to do this program! A few moments of contemplation over breakfast will plant a powerful seed that changes your awareness that day. I will teach you these contemplative reading techniques.

You will find the reading, writing, and Zoom sessions are a regeneration of your energy.

What is the cost? And do you accept payment plans?

The 10-week program is $3950. A nonrefundable deposit of $950 holds your spot. Remaining payment is due Feb. 10. We start March 1, but if you sign-up early we will do our first pre-session before then so I can begin work on your customized readings. (If you need a payment plan, I am happy to accommodate and I do not charge extra. Just reach out and propose a plan!)

What is the deadline?

February 10. However, there are only 3 spots available for this customized consulting program and registration closes once the spots are filled.


A $950 deposit made via Paypal below holds your spot. (If the button is here, a spot is open!) I will be in contact with you in less than 24-hours after receiving your deposit.

The knowledge offered by feminist foremothers' expertise is not only in gender theory or understanding intersections of systems...


...but it is also an expertise grounded in an understanding of a change process that links the personal to the collective...


 ..and the erotic to the political to the spiritual...

(thank you Audre Lorde for teaching us)...


 and the past to the future to your present self, here, now...




Part of our work together is helping

you play again...




& Integrating... 


...the knowledge of feminist foremothers into your life's path. 

We will be inspired by feminist foremother Gloria Anzaldúa who said we need a creative process in order to catalyze transformations that go deep into our psyche. 


Nourishing feminist readings + exploratory creative writing experiments help you connect, introspect, and open your subconscious process, as she taught us.

For as we read and are stirred by the writings of  feminist foremothers, our creativity will always be our best guide in our learning.

Our creative power, individually and collectively, is a deeper cosmic force than oppression.

All oppressive systems change because a small group of people named oppression, studied history, protested the status quo, redistributed and shared resources, imagined liberation and healing, and sacrificed...

 for the world they knew (deep within them) was possible to offer the next generations.

When we turn to feminist history for models of personal, professional, and political change...


...we gain tools repressed by patriarchy.


These tools are intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and creative.

These tools catalyze transformation for us 

here, now, in 2020—

just as they created change decades and centuries ago.

My life's work is to show up each day to the devotion and study of feminist history.

I desire to be a conduit of transformation for the present and future, staying connected and honoring the courage and feminist wisdom of the past.


The writings of feminist foremothers are actively suppressed by patriarchy. The result is we are trying to change the world, but we are too often disconnected from the power of women's knowledge.


I work to help us all root in the lived histories of feminist foremothers so we can rise to create justice and healing.

Read more about my uniquely in-depth, interdisciplinary, and cross professional training here.