The scholarship fund is a way to support The Emotional Self-Defense Course by donating funds that allow full and partial scholarships.

Currently, there are 4 scholarship funds in place:

Scholarship #1: The Decolonial Scholarship
All my video courses are free to Native, Indigenous, and Two-Spirit persons, in acknowledgement of settler colonialism and my doing my teaching as a settler on Native land.
Please contact me for access.
Scholarship#2: The Full Scholarship for Severe Economic Hardship

This scholarship is donated by cis men to participate actively in dismantling patriarchy through making feminist education accessible to women and nonbinary people.
These scholarships are received by any woman or nonbinary person who promises
to complete all 12 Modules of the course &
1) who would not have enough  to cover their rent and food (or their children's food) next month if they purchased the course

2) who lives month-to-month without safety nets for savings or extra cash flow resources from partners, family, intergenerational wealth, etc.

#3:The Justice Scholarship

These partial scholarships are supported by donations from white women and men of color. Partial scholarships reduce the course tuition from $1597 to $347, and then cover an additional $150 of the $347 tuition thanks to outside funders. The price for the course is then $197 for the participant after the scholarship is given. This scholarship is for a Black woman or Black nonbinary person, or a woman of color or nonbinary person of color, who is doing collective healing work.
These partial scholarships acknowledge the invisible labor that is done by recipients inside patriarchy, white supremacy, and colonial histories, as well as their unpaid daily labor often done to educate white women and men of color on these systems. 
To donate this scholarship, please see the PayPal link below. It is set for you to decide your price—you can cover the full $150, or if you only have $5-$15, I compile and create a "co-op" scholarship (thanks Josephine Dervish for the language and idea) with smaller gifts (which are no less valuable—as every offering creates more love, healing, and justice).
Thank you so much for making feminist education accessible and sustainable!
If you have received a partial scholarship, you can pay the remaining $197 tuition for the course below.  (If you'd like to be on the waitlist to receive a scholarship, please contact me.)
Please note the course is nonrefundable.
Scholarship #4: The Access Scholarship
I discount the course from its regular tuition ($1597) to $347. (No outside funds contribute to this scholarship: it is just a tuition reduction.) This scholarship is designed for someone who, after paying their bills each month, has a few hundred dollars left a month, and who does not have the privilege of income or wealth from family or partners. It is designed to increase access to the course, while still asking participants to invest in the feminist labor and decades of feminist research in the course.

Please first contact me for an application for this scholarship. If you have been approved, please purchase below!
(Please note the course is non-refundable.)