Since 2005, I have taught feminist intellectual history to forward thinking business leaders, activists, clergy, K-12 educators, journalists, medical professionals, and mental health clinicians, as well as students inside traditional academia. My approach is both rigorous and inviting. I prioritize helping people reconnect to the power of their innate creative process as foundational to all true learning.

(For how will we change the world together if we don't nurture awe and imagination and a sense of what is possible yet to heal and rebuild?

A critical social theorist by training, my roots are also deep in trauma theory and clinical literatures on mental health and healing.
My joy is to bring unique and multi-faceted sets of research together to lead deeply transformative spaces of learning for my clients. 
In all my workshops, I helps participants work through concepts to better name how systemic inequalities, such as patriarchy and racism, shape the everyday experience and impact our lives. As we find language to name, we find new language to heal, envision, dream, and co-create a better world together.
My teaching and consulting holds space for the work of naming and grieving injustice and harm, alongside the labor of imagining and co-creating together the world that is yet possible.
I especially invite people to the joy found in creative and contemplative practices as tools for change.
In a U.S. context of rising white nationalism, my work is increasingly concerned by how to create dialogue across distinct yet historically overlapping forms of structural violence and trauma.

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Photography by Pattie Flint.

New York, New York

(traditional lands of the Lanape)