Feminist Theory Leadership Workshops & Consulting for Educators

Person Writing

Writing, Identity, & Pedagogy Workshops 

Participants experience intellectual rigor, creative restoration, community building, and new awareness of the psychological, social, and political structures shaping felt experiences of identity.

In Writing, Identity, and Pedagogy workshops, we combine a study of texts from feminist theory with contemplative writing exercises that foster self-reflection.


Our goal is to deepen our understanding of how feminist theorists have understood identity and difference, then apply these ideas to our pedagogy.

Workshops are customized for participants and may include texts from Black Studies, Chicana Studies, Arab American Studies, Jewish Studies, postcolonial studies, Asian American Studies, Native American and Indigenous Studies, and critical whiteness studies. 


Adult Students


Teaching Difficult Knowledge workshops integrate research in feminist education studies, trauma studies, and psychodynamic theory. We also center practices of creativity, restoration, and contemplation for the hard work of learning and teaching difficult knowledge.

"Difficult knowledge" is a concept developed by feminist/queer/anti-racist educator and psychoanalyst Deborah Britzman.


The term of learning acknowledges that when teaching about on-going histories of structural violence, both students and teachers will likely experience a range of complex psychic processes—including denial and resistance, shame, ambivalence, guilt, grief, and overwhelm.

Teaching Difficult Knowledge workshops provide language and methods for the pedagogical challenges that arise when naming systems of violence and power in the classroom.