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Scholar. Writer. Bridge Builder.



Kimberly B. George, Ph.D. is a creative non fiction writer and scholar. She specializes in trauma-informed education, pedagogy, writing practices, and feminist ethnic studies. She loves all things vintage—from vintage clothes and antique furniture, to the texts and writing methods of feminist foremothers. She also dances (especially spontaneously in NYC parks).

As a teacher of writing and social theory, her
contemplative pedagogy invites her clients and students to trust and grow their creative, revolutionary power.

As a scholar-consultant, she partners with thought leaders beyond the university, including K-12 teachers and religious leaders. She teaches the psychic and social processes of identity formation, centering the brilliant texts of feminist history that give us methods to name systemic injustice. This naming helps us build social movements, coalitions, and collective transformation. 

Dr. George is the founder of Feminism School, with participants from 10 countries enrolled in her classes. She also recently founded Lillian Goes Vintage, using her love of vintage clothing to create feminist teaching salons in NYC and beyond. 


Kimberly B. George holds a Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies from UCSD, where her research focused on revolutionary methods of feminist of color writing practices. She holds an M.A. (summa cum laude) in U.S. Religious History from Yale, where she was a Merit Scholar and a postgraduate fellow in Gender Equity and Policy. She has completed coursework for a second Ph.D. in Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice and also has done extensive graduate training in psychodynamic psychotherapy. Her interdisciplinary depths inform her innovative writing pedagogies and research on trauma, creativity, and education practices.


She is published in numerous scholarly and non-scholarly outlets, including OnBeing, The Washington Spectator, The Feminist Wire, Creative Commons, NewBlackMan in Exile, and Syndicate. She is the co-editor, with David Leonard and Wade Davis, of Football, Culture, and Power (Routledge, 2016). Her 3 current book projects underway are on 1) contemplative feminist writing practices in service of social change 2) men learning feminism and 3) the history of feminist ethnic studies writing practices.



Writing Wellness Workshops

Writing Wellness Workshops support graduate students, scholars, and upper-division high school students.

Workshops are rooted in research in the history of feminist ethnic studies writing practices. We  address mental health, creative process, and trauma-informed methods as part of writing practices.

Contemplative Reading/Spiritual Autobiography
(4-person Class)

This class uniquely blends an experience of creative writing, learning social theory (including critical race theory), studying feminist foremothers, and nurturing contemplative practices. We begin May 10th.

Writing Doula Sessions

1:1 Writing Doula consultations support clients who are building a project or body of work.


 Intensive Project Mapping Sessions are next available in July 2023. These consultations bring together critical social theory analysis with strategic support for the psychosocial process of finding one's voice, writing into embodied experience, and weaving ways of knowing.


Routledge, 2016

Co-editor (with David Leonard and Wade Davis) of 
Football, Culture, and Power 


Articles & Publications

The Wisdom of Shattering


When I was a young competitive gymnast, I remember the day I walked off the floor mat, sat down by myself at its edge, and began to contemplate quitting the sport. I was 12.
Gymnastics had been my life — the defining orbit of my childhood ambitions...

Feminist Football Fan

My feminism and my love of football have a complicated relationship.
When I was eight and watching Dave Krieg, Steve Largent, and my beloved Seattle Seahawks, I dreamed of being the first female player in the NFL.  It felt unjust to me that no women were allowed in, and I wanted to be the first..

On Living a Feminist Life


Sara Ahmed’s latest work, Living a Feminist Life, dismantles the false divide between academic theory and the embodied world in which our concepts come alive. It is the kind of book we need more and more of by feminist scholars. It is an intervention not only in academic feminism...

Kimberly George is the rare scholar who combines her intellectual acuity with a passion for collaboration and reconciliation. Offering rigorous educational opportunities outside of academia, she emboldens individuals and groups to engage with feminist theory while untangling complicated cultural histories with openness and empathy.

Julie Weitz (LA-based Performance Artist)

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