I study and teach the texts of feminist foremothers—

words that changed the course of history.


Then, I support you to write your own.


When we learn feminist ways of knowing, alongside writing into our own lived stories, transformations happen. 

Feminist. Writer. Bridge Builder.
I'm a writing doula and the host of Writing Feminist Life Together, a podcast bridging feminist intellectual history,  contemplative writing practices, and theories of change
I am also a scholar who partners with organizations to facilitate workshops with deep dives into feminist research on transformation.  

We find our voice and connect back to our body's knowledge. We listen with more skill to the stories of others.


We move from seeing the symptoms of a problem to naming and perceiving the deep structures.


We learn to trust our creativity, recognizing we are empowered—collectively— to shift the course of history.

Most people have not had the chance to be taught the writings of feminist foremothers. But this knowledge is essential for creating a better world—a more engaged past, a renewed present, and a transformed future that offers healing, justice, and sustainable life on earth.


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 New York, New York