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Feminist. Writer. Bridge Builder.
I'm Dr. Kimberly George.
My life's work has been one clear (but complicated!) task: to study, live, and teach the revolutionary truths of feminist history to people who might never step inside a Women's Studies graduate seminar.

I've done extensive research within the university (2 Ph.D programs, 3 M.A. programs). But since 2006, I have also redistributed my knowledge and collaborated outside academia's walls.
I live in NYC. I'm here to contribute the knowledge of how feminist foremothers changed history so we can rebuild this beloved city with more racial, gender, and economic justice as we mourn, rise, and strategize from Covid-19.

I am the founder of Feminism School, which offers trauma-informed, rigorously researched, and spiritually sensitive feminist frameworks for cultural change. 


Partnering with experts and visionaries of all kinds, I currently offer Feminist Leadership Trainings to cultural influencers, religious and spiritual leaders, and educators.

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When we study feminist ways of knowing, we find our voice and connect back to our body's knowledge.


We listen with more skill to the stories of others, understanding intersections and connections.

We move from naming the symptoms of a problem to recognizing the deeper systems.


And we learn to trust our creativity, recognizing we are empowered—collectively— to rewrite the course of history.

 copyright © 2020 Kimberly B. George

Photography by Pattie Flint.

New York, New York

(traditional lands of the Lanape)