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Student Reviews


Dr. Chrissy Espina
Medical Practitioner, Scholar, Educator

I am still reaping the fruit from that inspirational class [Writing From the Body]. As I progress in my work as an artist and scholar, I am awakening to what you would talk about in class—the violence against women's voices and bodies. I am learning to navigate through this new consciousness. I have encountered much opposition and misunderstanding, including the faith community. Your class encouraged me to practice provocative creativity as a healthy and safe expression of this awakening. Thank you for your courage & tenacity to offer your gentle yet indignant voice to us."

Amber Johnson
Dean & Former Professional Athlete

"Clarity and connectedness is what I have gained through taking Kimberly’s intersectionality classes.  I have spent a good deal of my life piecing together a fragmented history, and relying on my intuition and meditative knowing to guide me.  I am so blessed for Kimberly’s intelligent and thoughtful guidance, she applies her teachings with compassion, warmth and honesty, unjudging and transparent…Kimberly is truly in her element.  She is more than a teacher, she is family, a friend, a sister.”

Ivar Hillesland
Lutheran Pastor and Artist/Musician

“My experience with the Feminism School has been deeply transformative. Each podcast and reading were like discovering little hidden gardens in the middle of a busy wilderness of buildings. I found so much life. Honestly, I felt lucky. As someone who identifies as male, I know much has been hidden from me by my own privilege and a system that wants to maintain itself at whatever the cost. These practices and lessons were both revelatory and liberating. This is a gift and the kind of profound sustenance I want to share with everyone.”

Ellen Vincent

"Your course somehow enabled me to start writing music. From the first assignment where you suggested a more creative approach -- I went with it. And now I can't stop. As someone who is 50 years old who never thought they'd be creative musically, I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for the enrichment in my life that this has brought. Thanks to you and your talk about having language/naming, I realize is so valuable because it allows me to put words down, to get words and sounds out that had only been meandering aimlessly around my body and mind and heart before."

Arlene Naganawa
Teacher & Poet

“I am glad I read the important texts and became familiar with the foremothers, as well as the roots of patriarchy, and that I can engage in conversations with anti-racist activists and therapists who work with BIPOC youth. As a K-12 teacher and writer-in-residence, I consistently apply knowledge and texts from Kimberly’s courses. Understanding the roots and wounds of historical patriarchy allows me to create lessons that address critical issues and student needs. I feel everyone should read the texts and that many people, including teachers such as myself,  don’t have knowledge of real history because we ourselves did not get access to women’s studies and ethnic studies classes!  Diving into Kimberly’s rigorous curriculum revealed what is required to become an authentic, informed ally for students, colleagues, and community."


Dr. Michelle Wolff
Professor of Religious Studies

"Dr. George has an organic way of asking questions that get to the heart of your writing project. Her approach is unlike any writing workshop or editing that I have experienced. She both challenges and encourages the writer to be bold. The value of her feedback and method are unparalleled."

Laura Jendusa
Occupational Therapist, Trauma Researcher, & Educator

"By working and learning with Kimberly, I have struck a new aliveness and devotion as we face the myriad of social crises of our time. I have deepened, clarified and am mobilized in integrity in my work as a therapist and educator. Kimberly lives the lineages passed down by the feminist foremothers she has studied for 20 years. The depth of her study is evident in the nuance, richness and connectedness with which she facilitates your learning experience as you uncover the sacred lineages of Black, Chicana, Indigenous, anti colonial and Jewish feminist lineages. Should you choose to work with Kimberly, you will have a transformative, life-giving experience."

Laura McCaffrey

"Her course has completely changed my life. As a woman with a bachelors and masters degree in engineering, I had never taken a formal women's studies course in either program. Dr. George's course made this material accessible and easy to digest in the time that I had between work, caring for my family, running my business, and pursuing my PhD. The way that Dr. George shares her personal stories and reflexive practices ensures that this course does not replicate the oppressive academic methodology that most of us are used to. She offers a chance for us to weave in our own stories to develop our embodied knowledge of our feminist roots that incorporate our foremothers' wisdom."

Ryan Aiello
High School Principal

"Kimberly's work continues to resonate and impact our institution today— more than three years after her visit. Her knowledge of the material is surpassed only by her ability to seamlessly connect with faculty and staff of all different experience levels, making the content readily accessible no matter one's background. In turn, the PD experience extends far beyond the course or training itself, as teachers develop a robust toolkit that they can then share within their departments, divisions, and courses. Our school is forever grateful for her invaluable contributions to our continued evolution and growth in the areas of equity and inclusion."

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Leila Sadeghee
Healer, Ritualist, Yoga Teacher, Priestess

"It is my lasting impression that if more people—particularly white women, were to do this course [The Emotional Self-Defense Course]—we would have a big acceleration toward equity ignited in communities everywhere. For those who have not yet found the heart of their relationship to oppression and the patriarchy - this will be the calibrator, because it takes it takes you into the details of this oppressive system and it's impacts one frame at a time, and works from the mind into embodied awareness. For those who have, this is the work that can take you deeper into intersectional awareness, allow you to hold a higher degree of integrity and hold a vaster resource of creative potency in daily life.


Dr. George has made it look effortless and that is clearly the result of many years of soul-diving and hard thinking. She has presented the work of our feminist fore-mothers with utter respect and care, and she has crafted a journey that allows you to hear their voices—and hers—and your own— in new, astonishing, and empowering ways. Having done many many courses of study, particularly in spiritual development— this is just next level in every regard. As an educator myself, it has given me so much to work with pedagogically, let alone in terms of my inner growth and awareness.


Briefly put— I simply cannot recommend studying with Dr. Kimberly George more highly."

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