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 Info on  Writing  Classes
& Podcasts

Do you want to explore a writing practice that is grounded in the magic of texts written by courageous women who have come before us?

You do not need to be a "writer."


You just need to be a woman (of cis or trans experience) who wants to explore what it at stake when women begin to prioritize their own creative lives and desires.

I teach writing as a scholar of feminist history, grounded in multiracial feminisms. 

I teach texts and writing practices that encourage you to see your own lived, embodied stories as creative fuel for social and collective change.

Register for Contemplative Reading/Spiritual Autobiography

Join a cohort for September/October: Enrollment OPEN 

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This newsletter list is for announcing: pop-up Feminist Writing Workshops,  6-week writing courses, and 1:1 Writing Doula Mentorships.  (I don't send you repeated marketing emails but I do announce when there are available spots.)


You can also follow my teachings on IG: @drkimberlygeorge

    Thanks for your interest in joining writing workshops! Please watch for a personal note from me soon.
    Dr. Kimberly George

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    Writing Feminist Life Together is an archived podcast of 30 feminist teachings that remind us that feminism gives us the invitation to slow down, connect with our body, and nourish our imagination. We combine feminist and ethnic studies research, contemplative writing, and other mindfulness practices, in order to connect our inner life to a world needing healing (r)evolutions. Grab a writing journal and join your host, Dr. Kimberly B. George.


    Spinsters, Seers, and Succubi (New!)


    This podcast explores the suppression of women's power, and the kinds of fears, stereotypes, and fantasies that are projected upon women to control their lives and the cultural memory of their lives.


    Together, we imagine a world in which women’s voices— and the voices of nonbinary, femme, trans, and genderqueer people— are abundantly resourced to change the world. We will also imagine how a feminist future will free and heal cis men, too.

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