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Leading While Lost:  A workshop for clergy and lay folks finding their voice  in overwhelming times 

This is an extraordinarily hard time for clergy and lay folks to lead. In a painfully polarized political climate—and with so many pressing needs for justice and peace— this workshop centers bridge building strategies that religious leaders can use to nourish themselves and to empower their own communities.


The content of this (free) workshop is a distilled down teaching from the religious and spiritual histories taught in the Contemplative Reading/Spiritual Autobiography class. We will especially consider how women have led through building coalitions and trusting the power of their small, committed acts to "leaven" the transformations of history.

Registration Information

Thursday March 14th, 3:30-5
:00 PST

How to Attend:

The workshop is being held online over Zoom. Please contact Dr. Kimberly George here with a brief message that you would like to register, what your role is (clergy, lay leader, academic, etc), and you will receive a confirmation back. Initial confirmation responses are not automated, so please be patient as Kimberly has time to get back in touch! A Zoom link will be sent out Thursday late morning to all attendees.

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