Fall/Winter 2021 Workshops

Please check back in late September for news of all 3 forthcoming writing workshops.

Vintage Typewriter

Photo by Pattie Flint

My Approach to Teaching Writing

I teach writing practices to help people connect to their body, to their creativity, and to the wondrous depths of feminist ethnic studies theory. My dissertation was on the psychosocial processes and epistemologies (or, ways of knowing) within several lineages of feminist studies writing practices—including practices found in Black studies, Chicana studies, postcolonial and transnational feminist writing, especially in the 1980s.

I have taught writing and worked as a writing coach for 20 years. I use the teaching of writing in service of supporting people's finding of their voice, and in service of their learning how to listen to the stories of others. I often call myself a Writing Doula because what I do for my students and clients supports the birthing of creative life and power inside them. It feels like sacred work.


I have loved writing since kindergarten when I wrote my first story about a magical talking horse! I find words enchanting. I asked for a typewriter for Christmas in 3rd grade. I published my first "article"—a 3 sentence letter to the editor—in 6th grade. I have spent most of my adult life trying to create a life in which I get to study and write as much as possible—which led to 5 graduate programs (and considerable debt!). I believe the study of texts across time and generations and the creation of our own words on a page somehow matters in the Creative evolving life-force of this gorgeous universe.