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Writing With Material Cultures:  A 2-part feminist (intensive) writing workshop to explore:
the sensory & the spiritual
the sediments of time & memory
and the palimpsests of self & lineage



This is an extraordinarily hard time to step into the fire of making change.

We know that the systems that disconnect us (and there are so many words to name those systems) depend upon coerced forgetting: Forgetting of parts of the self, forgetting of histories before colonialism, forgetting of our sacred interdependence with one another.

But what also we know from the work of feminist foremothers is that we nourish change, in part, through memory-making practices.


Such practices invite body, mind, and spirit into weaving, stitching, stewing, simmering together what has been segmented and sliced out of relationship, within the past and the present, within our own selves.

So we will write in order to practice recognizing the changes in the world and the continuities.

We will write into the sensory, the material, the domestic, the textiles and the roots, the pots and pans and the seams across time,  the flavors and the felt sensations of land, earth, water, breeze...

while accounting for (& grieving and naming)...

the capitalist/class/racialized/gendered histories within objects and relationships 


(& how objects not only connect generations, but continents,as scholar Lisa Lowe has taught).


Ultimately, we will write in order to make a bridging of the secular and sacred, moving from oppositional politics to inter-dependence as the paradigm of justice, reconciliation, and healing.


Workshop Details to Know


This 2-part writing workshops is for a small committed group (up to 5 writers), who will meet live 2.5 hours on Sunday May 26 and 2.5 hours on Sunday June 2, from 8:00 am to 10:30 am PST.  (This chosen time allows writers on the west coast of the States, and those in Europe and the Middle East, to join.)

Please set aside 2 hours between each live class for writing and reading homework; and please come prepared to share some of your work in class as you feel comfortable doing so.  (You will also email your homework to Dr. George 24-hours before each live intensive.)

All instructor feedback and teaching is delivered within the 5 hours of live workshop time.  

Registration & Tuition

Tuition is $750; you may pay in full, or a deposit of $350 will also hold your spot. (The remainder tuition is then due April 30th. )

Please make full tuition ($750) or a deposit ($350) payment through this Writing Doula Services PayPal link.

Class materials with short readings and practice writing assignments for the first workshop will be distributed May 1. 

(If you have never worked with Dr. George in a small group format, please set up a time to speak with her before registration to assess mutual fit in this workshop! Contact her here.)





"As human beings, we have a sacred connection to one another, and this is why enforced separations wreak havoc on our Souls. There is great danger, then, in living lives of segregation. Racial segregation. Segregation in politics. Segregated frameworks. Segregated and compartmentalized selves. What we have devised as an oppositional politic has been necessary, but it will never sustain us, for while it may give us some temporary gains (which become more ephemeral the greater the threat, which is not a reason not to fight), it can never ultimately feed that deep place within us: that space of the erotic, that space of the Soul, that space of the Divine." M. Jacqui Alexander

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