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Writing Doula Consultations
(for individuals)

The Intensive Project Mapping Service is a Writing Doula Consultation offering that supports individuals (or teams of co-writers) who are working on an article, book, collection of essays, graduate school papers, thesis prospectus,  proposal, or dissertation.


Please note: If you are wanting to develop writing practices but are not currently building a larger body of written work, the group writing classes being offered are likely best for you!

The next Intensive Project Mapping sessions will be offered in July 2023. 

The Details

The Intensive Project Mapping Service benefits clients who are amidst the heart and soul growth of launching a significant writing project or course of study involving writing. We look at big picture questions of methodology of your work, as well as how your writing practices will support your epistemologies (or ways of knowing) that are core to your writing project(s) and your identity.

The work is both intellectually and spiritually rigorous, and includes the conscious and unconscious labors of personal and cultural change, grief work, and ancestral healing. You receive supportive tools for a creative-contemplative writing method rooted in Dr. George's research longtime research and teaching of feminist writing practices.


Please note this offering is not copyediting or proofreading services (i.e. the nitty gritty of editing a final draft of a project). Rather, the service is a weaving of Dr. George's expertise in developmental editing, feminist social theory, and trauma-informed writing practices.

Who is This Intensive for?

You are a good fit for the Intensive if you like feminist scholarly mentorship that touches your unconscious; nourishes your spiritual and creative practices; encourages the intersections of ancestral healing and cultural change; and deepens the intellectual toolkit you are using for your writing.

Our work together will expand your capacity to write in ways that account for interconnected systems of injustice (like white supremacy, ableism, patriarchy, colonialism, class domination, and climate change)—even as we grow our imagination, courage, and desire for writing toward a flourishing, just world for everyone.












           The intensive process involves several steps before and after the session itself: the two days before and after your session are especially important for you to dedicate time and energy!

           The Zoom session is 100-minutes  for solo clients; 2.5-hours in duration for teams of two.

           About 24 hours after you pay/register for your November session, you will receive from Dr. George a 1-page Pre-Session Reflection Exercise with a list of questions. You also receive an audio series of 7 short reflections (120 minutes total) to respond to via audio memos before our session.

          48-hours before your Zoom session, please verbally submit the reflections from the Pre-Session Reflection Exercise over voice memos or video recordings to Dr. George, sent via What's App. (More instructions to be found on the form itself.) We begin a slow 2-day, exploratory, conversational, creative process together in the days before the Zoom session.

         Also 48-hours before your session, submit a collected writing sample that is all-together between 1500 and 9000 words. This equates to 5 double-spaced page to 30 double-spaced pages. (Double the page limit if in a team of two working on the same project). It is suggested you choose samples of your project AND pages from a journal or another piece of writing that intuitively feels alive. Messy drafts and different genre samples are encouraged and celebrated! (Claim your creativity, release perfectionism, put different kinds of writing in conversation.) Dr. George prepares at length using this collection of materials you submit to her in advance, so please make sure you meet the deadline!

         Gentle, strategic feedback and guidance on the writing samples is given within the live session itself. We frame our work with an understanding of how your project is part of a larger change/awakening on the planet—in pursuit of movements toward systems of care, flourishing, justice and accountability, love and liberation. To that end, we get to the deep heart of your project: What are you called to birth? What methodologies and epistemologies will support the birth? What writers/researchers do you need to be thinking with?  We also discuss the lived realities of protecting and nurturing your creative process amidst a world that exhausts our bodies and executive function.



       Clients are encouraged to follow-up with any clarifying questions, ideas, celebrations, epiphanies, etc. over voice memo for 48-hours after the live session in a conversational process.  Dr. George will deliver some final audio recordings and customized follow-up exercises for you. (Then, the intensive concludes and we cheer our good work.)

10 Concepts We Might Explore in The Intensive Process

  • What is the methodology pulsing as the intuitive heartbeat of your work?

  • Where might you give yourself permission to make more connections and juxtapositions of "incongruent" ideas or categories?

  • How can you root more deeply in the intellectual, creative, and spiritual lineage you are citing, building on, or intervening in? 

  • Where might you deepen your analysis of interconnected systems and structures in order to make this project more hospitable and alive to more readers?

  • What spiritual, ritualistic, or contemplative practices support your ways of knowing?

  • Can you tap in more deeply to the role of the senses and body in writing and accessing subconscious knowledge?

  • What research and reading would benefit your intellectual and spiritual toolkit, and what feminist foremothers might you want to read and be rooted in as you do your project?

  • How is your inner identity work part of epistemological work (or, the ways of knowing woven into the project)?

  • What would individual and collective healing look like for you as you journey in this project?

  • How do you work with (not against) your uniquely embodied creative cycle, and how is that cycle different from what capitalism and patriarchy has taught us about how we produce something? What cycles are you tapped into—with your body, the land, the trees, the moon, the stars?

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The Intensive Project Mapping Service is built on both synchronous & asynchronous components.

Open Book

How to Register!


Tuition is based on a unique 3-Tiered System. 

  • If you are Tier I and currently working with Dr. George in the barter/exchange program, contact her directly to register.

  • If you are Tier II, you will first fill out a brief application, as spots are limited for this scholarshipped tier.

  • If you are Tier III, please pay via PayPal (scroll down below) and sign-up for your session time/date.

  • Please note: For teams of two, each person pays their respective tier; though you sign up for one extended 2.5 hour slot.


The Zoom session component is offered July 10-13 before noon EST.

Tuition Tier III (full price): $2400 

This is the regular tuition price for the Intensive Project Mapping Service. If Tier II's scholarship below does not describe your financial need and access/lack of access to resources, this is the regular fee (to be paid in full).

Tuition Tier II
(partially scholarshipped)

$750 (payment plans available,
requires application, limited spots)

Please keep these spots for people who live on limited income with only small amounts of savings and small amounts of disposable income after their essential bills and those of their loved ones are paid. These spots serve the life's work of single people, especially, including single moms. Please note that eligible folks in this category also do not have intergenerational wealth; are solely responsible for their own student loans, rent payments, and medical debt; live only on their own wage labor (not wealth from assets, including property investments); and have not received gifts of a down payment to buy property; the gift of money or inheritance to start a business; or family money for their education.


If Tier II Tuition is still out of reach financially, including with the cost of currency exchanges, please know there will be more free, bartered, and sliding scale offerings in 2023! Please stay tuned. Your voice matters.

May I be in touch for further support after my session?

Intensive Project Mapping Sessions are one-time consultations. That said, for up to 48-hours after a live session, clients are encouraged to be in touch with questions and follow-up needs. But if you feel you need more access after this window to ongoing writing and research support, please inquire for availability in the The Mentor-Scholar Program. Please note The Mentor-Scholar Program pairs with enrollment in either The Emotional Self-Defense Course or Intersections of Identity.

Why is there a Tiered Tuition System?

Good question! Pricing Tiers are part of Imagining a Feminist Economy. See our description over at Feminism School for how we think about inclusion and economic justice within capitalism, a system set up to create profound wealth disparity. While a Tiered Tuition System can't fix capitalism, it can create business practices where people take part in an alternative framework.

A client was working on an essay for a scholarship application. His draft read as flat and un-alive. In one session with Dr. George, he learned not only what makes a narrative powerful, but even more important, he was guided by a set of Dr. George's questions to write his own story in a vidid, memorable way.


He rewrote the essay guided by Dr. George's consultation and customized writing exercises. He brought the emotional heart of the piece alive and won the $20,000 scholarship. The scholarship committee told him his essay was one of the most memorable they had read (and that is why he won)!


Dr. George didn't herself write or edit a word of the essay. She just midwifed the alive, embodied narratives inside the client's inner wisdom.

What are some client results?

While no particular outcomes can be guaranteed, here are some of the ways Dr. George has supported her writing clients to take big leaps.

A client went back to get their PhD in their 40s. With Dr. George's assistance in the writing and research process, the client was able to secure $80,000 worth of educational funding over 4-years of the PhD. The client's life changed in astoundingly powerful and beautiful ways.

A tenured professor had received multiple rejections for placing an article in a top journal in their field. After working with Dr. George, the article was accepted and was one of the journal's most downloaded articles of the year.

A client working in business shared that her work with Dr. George helped her find her voice not only professionally, but also in her marriage.


Photo by Pattie Flint


Kimberly B. George, Ph.D., is a scholar in the fields of feminist studies and ethnic studies, with additional graduate training in religious history and relational psychodynamic theory.


She is the founder of Feminism School, which seeks to open the enclosures of academia through offering feminist ethnic studies classes to mental health practitioners, K-12 teachers, religious leaders, activists, and nonprofit sectors. Her courses have been taken by people in 10 countries.


Her academic research focuses on psychosocial theory, contemplative pedagogies, and feminist ethnic studies writing practices. She has been a writing coach for 20 years. 

Read about her approach to writing practices in her Syndicate review of Living a Feminist Life 


"Sara Ahmed’s latest work, Living a Feminist Life, dismantles the false divide between academic theory and the embodied world in which our concepts come alive... It is an intervention not only in academic feminism, but also an invitation to rethink (and, indeed, re-feel and re-sense) the writing and reading practices we are relying upon to translate the sensuality of life into the conceptual structures of language."

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